Friday, 18 December 2015

Outfit | Black and White

Today I want to talk about a 'trend' that I personally love which is #allblackeverything and some variations of it. For the past two years, I have worked for the same company and the dress code is all black. Every time I go shopping I always think to myself, "That would look so cute in black and I could wear it to work." I feel like I have lost my "sense of colour" when it comes to styling and buying clothes. So now because of work I love the colour black and wear it with every outfit no matter where I'm going.

This picture describes my life!
No matter what the season is my favourite colour to wear is black. Not in a goth/grunge kind of way but in a classic chic, everything goes with black kind of way. There is just something so simple and easy about black clothing. I feel it just always looks good and you can't go wrong. Just watch out for the lint and hair that will stick to you.

(Available all year round in black and white but comes in seasonal colours)

Some ways to make black less 'boring':
Make it professional: Adding a black blazer to any outfit instantly, makes you look more professional.

Top: Design Lab by Lord and Taylor
Blazer: Vero Moda
Necklace: Forever 21

Tune it to Casual: You can't go wrong with a pair of black jeans; they go with any top or pair of shoes. However, with the right pairing of shoes and certain top you can instantly make black jeans ready for work or date night. But...... There is also the colour white. Again so simple, chic and easy to wear except white bring a clean crisp classic look to an outfit. Just watch out for staining. I can never keep any of my tops perfectly white for longer than a couple of months. 

So, what do I think looks the best together? 
Black and White!

When you pair these shades together you get an effortlessly chic look, that makes it look like you put your out together in seconds. If this simple idea of black and white sounds too boring for your liking but you wanna try the trend; just add statement jewelry to any black and white outfit or try black and white patterns that pop and catch the eye. Also, textured black or white pieces can add something different to an outfit.

Textured Floral Print Crop Top: TopShop


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