Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Parsons x Teen Vogue | Analytics Assignment

For this assignment, I had to track the traffic on my social media sites. I chose to look at Blogger and Pinterest. Here are stats from Blogger:

Based off of the above pictures from Blogger I found that the majority of my audience is from North America with others from European countries. They also show that most of my audience uses Mac operating systems to access my blog.

Here are stats from Pinterest analytics.

The Pinterest analytics pictures show that every since I started to pin more after starting this course, the number of viewers and impressions have increased. I also found that other pinners repin my pins more. 

After completing this assignment I now know to create traffic on my social media I need to update regularly and consistently. For my blog, I plan to upload every Tuesday and Friday with different themed posts (i.e.) Item of the Week Wednesday and Fashion Friday. For my Pinterest, I plan to try and pin 10 things every day because the more pictures pinned, the better chance you have to be viewed repined.


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