Saturday, 16 January 2016

Parsons x Teen Vogue | Course 4 Working in Fashion Media

I just finished course four, Working in Fashion Media (this one has to be my favourite so far.) I loved completing the assignments, it didn't feel like school work at all. Every assignment had a benefit to help you break into the fashion industry.

One example was we had to create a digital cover for our portfolios that we have to make at the end of the certificate. This cover had to represent our personal, visual style that we had been talking about throughout the whole certificate and connecting to every topic.

Another assignment we had to do was, take a headshot to use on all of our social media platforms, so they all have the same consistent look and feel.

The last assignment we had to complete was a blog post about looking at the figures for our social media platforms. This helped me to come up with ways to how to attract viewers to my online content.

Overall, I loved this course and would take it again. I'm very sad that there is only one course left; the certificate went by very quick.

In about two weeks I will update you about how course five went, which I am the most excited for, Developing Fashion Marketing and PR Skills.


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