Thursday, 7 January 2016

Parsons x Teen Vogue | Production Standards Assignment

This post is for an assignment for the Parsons x Teen Vogue Certificate, Course 3 - Understanding Fashion Production. This assignment is all about production standards in fashion. I went on a research trip to the most amazing place ever, the mall!

Well, I was at the mall, I tried on many different types of clothing; from different brands, styles, and sizes to see the differences in how things are made and produced.

So, when it comes to tops and dresses I generally fit into one size but, I could go one size up or down depending on the brand. Pants and skirts are different, I am usually just one size no matter what the brand is except with jeans. Jean sizes vary with different brands. Most of the time I have trouble finding jeans that fit both my waist and hips.

At Garage clothing, they have these boyfriend style tees and I get them in an XS/S because they fit loose and kind of big. I have four of them, all in the same size and when I compared them all I found that some have longer hemlines than others.

From doing this assignment I learned depending on the brand, clothing sizes will fit you differently and each identical item may be a little different because they have been mass produced. Also, I learned that you should always try on clothes before you purchase them and make sure they fit you properly. 


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