Wednesday, 1 June 2016

19 things I learned before turning nineteen

1. If something isn't making you happy, stop doing it

2. Boys come and go; friends are forever

3. Sometimes you need a break from certain people and that's okay

4. Mom always has the answer

5. Don't forget to try something new every once in a while

6. Live in the moment; never regret the chances you didn't take

7. To do lists can get you through the day

8. Never compare yourself to others; just be you

9. If you don't like a job, quit! Life is too short to be doing something you don't love (but, never quit a job until you have another one lined up)

10. Believe in yourself

11. Take lots of pictures

12. Make a plan......

13. ....but, know you will change it multiple times

14. You cannot make everybody happy

15. A simple smile can change someone's day, even your own

16. Everything happens for a reason; even if the reason doesn't present itself until later

17. Follow your passions, you have them for a reason

18. Put on a smile and fake it 'till you make it! I mean your still only 19!

19. "live what you love", it's your life


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