Thursday, 9 June 2016

Anybody else have Bra-blems?

We've all been there after a long day at school or work when you get home, and you just want to take your bra off immediately. Let's admit it, bras aren't fun but, we have to wear them. 

When I do fashion posts I tend to focus on the clothes themselves or the theme and not the undergarments you need to achieve the look. However, nowadays it feels like we need like 20 bras for all the different styles of tops and dresses out there. I think having one properly fitted bra will replace the other 19; giving us 19 less 'bra-blems'. 

I don't know about you but, I have faced many 'bra-blems'. If you have to leave them in the comments down below. Some of the major 'bra-blems' I can experience are:

'Slipping Straps': When I walk/run down the stairs everything starts moving around and my straps always fall down my shoulders. It is just plain annoying to always re-adjust everything.

The Sliding Strapless Bra: it was my birthday not too long ago and of course you need the perfect birthday outfit. Mine was a halter top so, obviously, I needed a special bra to achieve the look and I went with the strapless. Strapless bras are a pain in the butt. You constantly have to pull them up and if you don't, it makes your boobs look like they're hanging lower than they should be. (Which isn't flattering on anyone.)

I mean us ladies have to deal with enough and an uncomfortable bra shouldn't be one of them. ThirdLove reached out and asked me to share my 'bra-blems' and help you guys out with some solutions. Here is a helpful infographic provided by ThirdLove to help us all out with our 'bra-blems'!
Once we have found the perfect bra, in the perfect size, and in the perfect colour we must remember to take care of them properly. Remember to wash them regularly. I usually wash my bras every 5-7 days. Some tips are to hand wash your bras and lay them out to dry. Also, keep them displayed nicely like you see in stores. Not only does this look cute but, it helps the bras keep their shape.

ThirdLove has been so generous in providing a promo code for 15% off your entire order until the end of 2016: BRABLEMS Be sure to check out their gorgeous bras!

ThirdLove also has 1/2 sizes! Who even knew these existed with bras?? So if you're in-between cup sizes give their 1/2 sizes a try!


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