Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Display Techniques

There are four display theories that I am familiar with and I am going to share my knowledge of them with you today. Using the same theme/accessories I will show you examples of each display theory with mannequins in a window. You can use the same props, accessories, and mannequins in different ways to achieve multiple looks. The possibilities are endless!

1. Symmetrical

Symmetrical means a group of items that mirror the same image on both sides. I personally like the symmetrical method the best and use it without even realising it. In symmetrical displays both sides are balanced and I find it is more pleasing for the eye to follow while observing a display. In the above window, we have the centre point (mannequin) and the same things on each side of the window. Most windows and displays that use symmetrical groupings form a pyramid shape.

2. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical is the opposite of symmetrical. So, both sides of a display or window do not have to be equal. Most asymmetric displays follow a one-sided pyramid. It is still very important that there is height so that the eye knows where to look first. Using asymmetric is popular among retailer because it allows you to showcase more product. In the above window, I demonstrated the one-sided pyramid with the standing mannequins and then the sitting mannequin.

3. Repetition 

Repetition means repeating the same product usually in odd numbers. In the above window, I repeated the mannequins five times and the prop stands four times. I always think the repetition technique gives an eye-catching effect to the window. The repetition of the same outfit on the mannequins creates a strong brand message. 

4. Alternation

Alternation is alternating associated products; things that are linked/go well together. In the above window, I alternated the mannequin and prop stand with the stand alone mannequin. I never find myself using this technique. However, it adds something different to a display or window.


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