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Do you want to work in Fashion? Here's Your Ultimate Reading List

Who else has dreamed of working in fashion since they were little? I know I have! I have been collecting these books over the past couple of years and they've helped me explore the fashion world through words and helped me discover what I want to do in fashion.

1. The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide To Careers
You must have the Teen Vogue Handbook if you want to work in fashion. The cover itself says its, "An insider's guide to careers in fashion."  Most people think of a fashion designer or fashion sales assistant when people talk about working in the fashion industry. This book explores the many other options that exist within the industry. Some of them include working for a magazine (editor, fashion director, fashion news or beauty assistant, social media manager, online editor and so much more) being a fashion photographer or model, a fashion stylist and the digital fashion world (bloggers, vloggers and more.)

By Sophia Amoruso
I love this book. It is inspiring for any fashion entrepreneur or any women for that matter. I heard about the hashtag #GirlBoss before I heard about this book. The name in itself has such a powerful meaning. The book has inspired me to one day be a #GirlBoss. Sophia's story is an inspiring read for any fashion student or enthusiast.

I picked this book up a while ago while I was shopping in Indigo because of the cover. The cover and pages have shiny gold on them. I mean how eye-catching! This book is a must have because of the illustrations inside. The book has six different sections; designers, icons, weddings, music, film, and Oscars. Each section has multiple pictures of iconic fashion moments; hence the title. This book is a great combination of history (what has happened over the years in fashion), people (who make looks iconic) and inspiration (that can help with any fashion project.)

4. Style
By Lauren Conrad
This book was the first fashion book I ever purchased. I also have her Beauty book and soon will get the new Celebrate book. If you don't know about Lauren Conrad and her success, then where have you been hiding? She is one of my fashion icons and I personally love her style. This book is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about fashion and style. Lauren covers key pieces that should be in your wardrobe, how to accessorise and go-to "fool-proof" outfits. Overall, a great read that should be on your fashion reading list.   

5. Leave Your Mark
By Aliza Licht
I discovered this book existed while completing my Fashion Industry Essentials Certificate online with Parsons and Teen Vogue. In the program, you get to watch some videos from Aliza herself and learn what PR is all about. After I watched those videos during the course, I knew I had to get her book. First of all, she is known as being the PR queen in the fashion world, so I do trust what she states in her novel. Leave Your Mark is essential (I think) to killing it in the fashion industry and helping yourself succeed to the best of your ability. 

6. Influence
By Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley on TV and in movies, reading their books (I have a Two of Kind book on my bookshelf currently) and loving their style. Both of them are my top style icons. They have been in the spotlight since they were babies and now have built a fashion "empire." Both of their lines, The Row & Elizabeth and James have been so successful. The book was written in 2008 and is all about everyone who has influenced them. I think it is a great read to discover some individuals who could potentially influence you. The book is also larger than the others ones I mentioned in this post; it could make a great coffee table book. With that being said the book has beautiful large graphics of inspiring fashion images. Overall, I think this book is a must have. I mean it is written by two truly well recognised and respected individuals in the industry.

I purchased all my books from Indigo online and in stores over the past couple of years. Right now they are having a sale check it out here. Do you have any favourite fashion reads? Is there on you love that I have to read? Let me know in the comments below!


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