Monday, 25 July 2016

Vegan Cuts July Beauty Box Unboxing

Here's what is in this month's box:

1. Bodi Safe Beauty - Lip and Cheek Enhancer in Charmed ($20 Value)
2. Suntegrity Skincare - natural Moisturizing face Sunscreen and Primer ($4.95 Value)
3. Zoe Organics - Refresh Oil ($14 Value)
4. Molly Rose Balms - Citrus Almond Lip Scrub ($7 Value)
5. Nature's Shea Butter - Vanilla Ylang Ylang ($2.75 Value)
6. Hello - Floride Toothpaste in Mojito Mint ($1 Value)
7. Modicum Skincare - Essential Serum ($20 Value)
Total Value: $69.70

I like that this box has seven products and the box value is double what I paid. The lip and cheek and enhancer is a pretty, natural pink colour. I have tried it on my lips and it feels great but, I wouldn’t put the product on my cheeks. The consistency isn’t something I feel is meant for your cheeks. The shea butter is a vanilla scent so naturally I thought I would like it. However, it has Ylang Ylang essential oil mixed in and the smell is very sweet and doesn’t sit well with me. But, the product itself is very rich and nourishing on the skin. I think receiving a toothpaste this month is fantastic because I have always wanted to try a natural toothpaste and now I can. The last box had a mini sunscreen and I think I said, it is always great to have a small size sunscreen for the summer and bring with you to the beach. I like that I can try out another mini sunscreen but, it is different because this one is a sunscreen and face primer in one, which I have never heard of before. I have never heard of an Essential oil stick before but, I think it is basically like a roller ball perfume. However, they are much more fragrant in comparison. I haven’t tried the face serum yet but, it has a high value and a luxurious bottle so, I have high hopes the the product inside is good as well. I love the lip exfoliator. The fact that it is in a tube like lip balm makes the process much more convenient. In a box a got a couple months back I received another Molly Rose Balm product, a body exfoliator (which I used up very quickly). So, with that being said I really enjoy their products and will most likely purchase a full size in the near future. The exfoliators, exfoliate, that’s a given but, they don’t leave your skin dry, they leave your skin ridiculously smooth.  


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