Monday, 29 August 2016

How to dip your toes into the fashion industry

I have wanted to work in fashion since I was little and it seems like there are endless opportunities. The one fear I had was putting my energy and thoughts into one aspect of the industry and then when I'm old enough try it, not like it at all. Turns out there are lots of opportunities to get a taste or dip your toes if you will into the fashion industry. Here are the 5 opportunities best worth your time:

1. Volunteer for a Fashion Week near you

I have not volunteered for fashion week but, I plan on volunteering for Toronto Men's Fashion Week soon, as Toronto Fashion Week is no longer happening. Which is sad because I was going to volunteer for TFW in September. Volunteering for any fashion week or show gives you a ton of experience working directly in the chaos and rush of the industry. You can work directly with the clothes, the models, the event set-up or the guests. Moreover, you could potentially meet some very influentially people whilst volunteering. Overall, a great place to network, learn and gain experience. 

2. Find an Internship

Websites like Intern Queen allow you to search for any kind of internship close to where you live. I would recommend you look there first. However, if you have a company in mind that you want to intern with I would say, shoot them an email and say you're interested. Most companies love interns because they don't have to pay you. However, some companies these days will only take interns that are in school and need credit (a better substitute for paying you; you're gaining hands-on experience). Internships are great because while you're trying to figure out what you want to do and don't like your internship, it's okay because you will still have time to find something else that speaks to you. I would say try to do a different internship every year or summer if your course load isn't too heavy. This will help you get as much exposure to the industry as possible to make sure it's the right fit for you.

3. Take a Fashion course (that could potentially turn into a certificate, diploma etc.)

If you are in high school I would recommend trying out the Parsons x Teen Vogue Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials. It is an inexpensive program for Parsons and you will learn about all areas of fashion. You can take this course no matter your age but, if you are already in school for something else it may be too much to handle. I would recommend if you are in university for a completely different subject but, you have always loved fashion try out the program in the summer. You can enrol in the #ParsonsxTeenVogue program here. Moreover, see if any school near you offers fashion classes or make you electives in university fashion courses. Also, check out my review post on online fashion courses from other schools here.

4. Freelance a creative skill that you have

If you have a camera and love photography, offer to take fashion photos for local bloggers or your friends Instagram accounts. Also, if you are talented at styling stock photos create packages at a reasonable price to sell to bloggers and businesses. If you have Adobe / graphic design skills make a social media presence for your brand and offer services to people who work in the fashion industry. For instance, you could design labels, brand packaging etc. Last, if you make things like accessories or clothes sell your designs on Etsy.

5. Test out your fashion influence on social media and blogging platforms

Lastly, to dip your toes into the fashion world start your own blog and share what you know and love or start a fashion Instagram account. If you connect and engage with followers and they love your work it can open up lots of opportunities for you to work with fashion brands. 


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  1. Love this.. thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely be taking this on board. You seem so lovely and have a really amazing blog, I love making new blogger friends so let me know if you would like to keep in touch! x

    1. No problem Adele! Thanks for commenting. I would love to keep in touch, you have an amazing blog as well!

  2. Great post ♥ I'm also living in Toronto and was saddened by the end of our fashion week.

    1. Thanks! I hope they come up with something else for fashion week so the tradition can live on.


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