Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why you should consider taking a course online | Part 2

I'm a huge advocate for online learning! If you haven't seen my first post about online learning check it out here. I have learnt through multiple platforms and I think learning online will be the future of learning. I mean think about how much we do online now. How many hours have you been on your laptop and phone today? 

My last post about online learning featured 5 different schools and platforms. I'm happy to say that I have found more! Except for this time they're mainly focused on fashion, lifestyle and creative topics. 

1. BoF Education | Fashion's Platform for Online Learning

I accidentally discovered this after reading an article on BoF. If you don't know about BoF (Business of Fashion) you should, especially if you want to work in fashion. They have insightful articles, industry insight from experienced professionals, job postings and now a learning platform.

They currently have two courses running but, they have more coming soon. The two they have currently are, "Fashion History for Today" and "The Art and Science of Buying Merchandise." Both classes are taught by well-known, experienced fashion professionals and the cost of each course is $195USD. Which in my opinion isn't that much compared to a course at a college or university. 

Some of the courses coming soon are, "Fashion Styling Basics", "Fashion Journalism", "The Fashion System 101", "A Beginner's Guide to Fashion Communications" and "Rethinking Digital Marketing."

They also have a free article collection in their education section here, called "Fashion Business Basics." 

It's safe to say that I want to take all of these courses. However, if I had to choose one it would be a Beginners Guide to Fashion Communication because currently in school I'm learning about retail buying and merchandising so, communications would a fresh perspective to look at. 

If any of these seem like a topic you want to learn more about you can register your interest here. Let me know in the comments if you found this interesting or you already knew about the BoF Education Platform. 
2. Brit + Co. 

I discovered Brit + Co. though Lauren Berger, aka Intern Queen. She tweeted about a course she has on the site. Now she has two, check them here. Lauren's courses focus on finding jobs and interviews.

However, Brit + Co. has a ton of other online classes and DIY Kits that helps enable your creativity. Some are free and others have a cost but, no course is over $50USD. The courses range from Jewellery making, Adobe, Handbag design, sewing, HTML and branding.


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  1. I love learning online! E-learning and e-courses are huge right now! I purchased a several week long course this summer and loved it!


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