Sunday, 18 December 2016

How to start a successful blog in 10 steps

With the new year approaching fast, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to start a blog if you've been wanting to for a long time. So, don't put it off any longer and start a blog following with these tips!

1. Choose a platform

There are many platforms to choose from. I chose Blogger because I didn't know about Wordpress and made a blog on Blogger in 2011 (It is now set to private) and already had the domain it just wasn't being used. If I could go back I would use Wordpress because I feel you have more options. And remember there are two different versions of Wordpress. Last, there is Square space or you could just create a website from starch with hosting and a design yourself or hire someone to help you.

2. Pick a blog name

It could be something creative or it could just be your name like mine is.

3. Pick a blog niche 

You already probably know what you want to blog about if you want to start a blog. However, pick a category you want your blog to belong to. I originally wanted to have a fashion blog but, there are just so many out there. I decided on having a lifestyle blog because it gives me the freedom to talk about everything I like; fashion, beauty, skincare, food, travel, school, career and the list goes on. 

4. Write

Just start writing! Don't let anything stop you. Don't worry about your posts being perfect. You have to start somewhere. Your first couple of months blogging is all about learning and developing your skills. Don't let the fear of your work not being perceived as perfect stop you from blogging.

5. Publish and Launch

Publish your blog and tell your friends and family!

6. Build up your content

Once you start blogging you will realise what you really want to talk about. Once your blog is published the most important thing to do is stick to a schedule. Choose what days you want to post and how many days a week you want to publish posts. I recommend making an editorial calendar, whether it be on your computer or a paper version (which I prefer), it's good to get your ideas organised so you don't miss a week and there's always content on your blog. 

7. Make sure your blog is on Bloglovin'!

Bloglovin' is the easiest way to follow the blogs you love. It will make it a lot easier for your readers to keep up with your posts.

8. Have separate blog social media accounts

It makes it easier on Instagram and Twitter to have separate accounts to share all your blog posts as some of your friends might not want to constantly get updates about your blog or might not fit the description of who your blog targets. 

9. Grow your following...

... at your own pace. You want to grow your following organically and steadily. You would rather have 1000 followers who always read your content and engage with you than 10 000 followers who visit your content occasionally and never engage with you. Nowadays with blogging it's not about your follow number it's about your engagement rate. So, grow a following slowly and connect with your readers. 

10. Collaborate with Brands 

After you have built an audience make a list of brands you want to work with and pitch to them in an email. Some bloggers are lucky enough to have brands reach out to them but, if brands don't reach out to you right away it's perfectly okay to reach out to them. It can sometimes make their job easier because they don't have to spend time finding bloggers. 

Let me know if you are thinking about starting a blog or just started one in the comments below!


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