Monday, 19 December 2016

Parsons x Teen Vogue | My Post Certificate Experience

I finished the Parsons x Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials Certificate back in April. It's crazy to think that last year around this time I was starting the program. My perspective of the fashion industry has changed so much since then. I've gained a plethora of knowledge about all aspects that are crucial in fashion while completing the program.

After graduating from the certificate, I got a marketing internship at a fashion accessories start-up company in Toronto, which I am currently still working at. I also, continue to create fashion and lifestyle content for this blog and I have been able to work with different brands to collaborate and create sponsored content.

Blog photos I take!

Three courses that I use concepts from regularly are Visual Style, Fashion Media and Fashion Marketing and PR. However, having the overall knowledge of the entire fashion industry which includes design and production, is critical to my day to day work. 

A typical day at my marketing internship follows the sequence; research, plan and execute. First, I research stores who could potentially carry the product, plan the best way to contact them and get in touch with them. Second, I research current social media trends, plan content to post for each platform and of course post them. Lastly, I research bloggers and influencers who would be a great fit for the brand, plan the email and then send it out.

The office I work at!

I am the only person in charge of the marketing apart from the company founder. Because of that, I get to create everything related to marketing from scratch. I apply the strategies that I learned from the certificate when creating any marketing effort such as, integrated marketing, consistent brand strategy, and use public relations, to create buzz around the company.

Lastly, the program has made me realise that the business of fashion is my calling and to continue running my blog I must have a consistent brand across all platforms.

If you have an itch to work in anything fashion, definitely check out the Parsons x Teen Vogue program; You won't regret it! 

Let me know if you're thinking about joining the program in the comments below!


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