Wednesday, 25 January 2017

City Living | Page Ashbury

I discovered an amazing local skincare brand based out of Toronto about three months ago, Page Ashbury. I received a sample of their Neroli and Jasmine facial moisturizer in my Vegan Cuts October Beauty Box. Immediately when the bottle was on its last legs I ordered more moisturizer along with their face cleanser and face serum.

My favourite thing about this brand isn't that they use natural, vegan, sustainable ingredients (which is very important to me, your skin absorbs everything, treat it well), it's the results I got for only using the products for less than a month.

After moving to Toronto my skin freaked out. It didn't like the Toronto air and started producing more oil causing a lot of blackheads and breakouts. My skin was like, "I don't like it here", so I'm going to let you know in the worst way possible.

I started using the Page Ashbury face moisturizer after this skin freak out started and the results were unbelievable. Most moisturizers make my skin oily even if they say they're for oily skin but, not Page Asbury's genius creation. My skin felt smooth and hydrated but, not slippery or shiny.

After reading the ingredients list I knew it had to be the jojoba oil, which is the closest oil to what your skin naturally produces. My oily skin was tricked into thinking that it didn't need to produce any extra oil.

In combination with the cleanser, serum, moisturizer and my Foreo Luna Mini my skin is currently is the best condition it has every been in.

I could continue to go on about how amazing their products are but, I will stop here and say go check out their site and see the beauty for yourself. Now the next thing for me to try is their natural deodorant!

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