Monday, 23 January 2017

The Intern Files | What being a fashion intern is really like

Apparently, there's a stereotype in the fashion industry that there are things called, 'coffee internships'. Now, of course, this came from the media but, I can tell you first hand that a fashion internship requires hard work and determination as fashion can be one of the most difficult industry's to break into.

Nowadays interns are brought onto teams to do actual work and contribute their ideas; most of the time unpaid but, the hours will count towards school credit. Your first internship or first couple of internships is the perfect time to start making a name for yourself and building positive relationships with employers.

1. There are more opportunities than you realise

Internships don't just exist at large fashion empires and they don't always have to exist in big cities. There are so many small start-up companies and independent designers out there to choose from. And working for a smaller company first can be more beneficial to your career as you will do more hands on 'important' work.

2. You don't have to be a designer

Designing is just one of the many jobs that exist in the fashion industry. There are internships in personal styling, photography, writing, editing, modelling, marketing, merchandising, buying, retail, management, operations and more.

3. Your boss will not be terrifying

We've all heard of that typical scary Anna Wintour type manager in the fashion world but, your boss or mentor if you will, wants your help and wants you to learn! They will actually want you to succeed. 




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  1. Completely agree with point #1, it's just a matter of looking into the opportunities :)

    The Decadent World 

    1. Thanks Carol, Yes the opportunities are endless! xx


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