Monday, 27 February 2017

Current Obsession | Podcasts

I have always loved watching YouTube videos but, recently I wanted to put something on my laptop and walk away to do other things like clean my apartment. YouTube videos are great but, you have to sit and watch content. Podcasts are great because it's just like the radio and all you have to do is listen! My favourite podcasts to listen to while I do the dishes, clean or do my homework are The Lively Show, Office Hours with College Fashionista, and The Market Beautifully Podcast!

I would describe The Lively Show as an uplifting podcast that challenges you to look at all aspects of your life! I love listening to Jess becasue I always learn something new!

I discovered this podcast while I was at the Teen Vogue Experience Event in New York when Amy Levin, Founder of College Fashionista mentioned it during her talk. I love how Amy interviews girls who are relatable!

This is a relatively new podcast but, I love listening to it to help learn how to market my blog and learn more about marketing. It is a subject I truly enjoy!

I'm always looking to discover more podcasts, let me know what you listen to in the comments below!




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