Friday, 17 March 2017

5 reasons you'll love working for a start-up

I used to think that right when I finished university I would need to land a full-time corporate job immediately. Since starting my internship at a start-up in September, I have realised it's not about making money, it's about doing something meaningful that makes a difference. Here are five reasons why you'll love working for a start-up:

1. You have opportunity for experience

When you work for a start-up you get to experience and be a part of the process of building something from the ground up. The main benefit you receive from working for a start-up is learning.  

2. You will have more meaningful responsibilities 

Your job as marketing coordinator at a start-up is very different than that at a large corporation. As a coordinator, you will probably be doing manager level work. You will get to take on more challenging responsibilities which in the long run help advance your career.

3. Your opinions matter

All start-up's start with small teams. When there are only three people working on a project your opinion matters. Never be afraid to voice your ideas, they may help the company move forward as well as your career.

4. You get to work with very passionate people

Start-ups usually start with one or more people who have an innovative idea. They pour their heart into their work. Being around individuals like this is one of the most inspiring things ever. It may inspire you to create or innovate something or just inspire you to be better at your current job.

5. You will get to learn all areas of a business instead of one

Yes, you will have your area of expertise to focus on but, working on a small team means having great teamwork and willing to lend a helping hand. This is not just a great thing for company culture but, for allowing you to learn a different part of the business you may not have been aware of. 

Let me know if you've ever worked for a start-up in the comments below!




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  1. Great article Lisa!! I can see that you are learning a lot from your Joe Fresh, Ryerson Fashion Zone internship. Keep up the good work. Love Mom xxoo

  2. I work for a start-up too and love the dynamic of it! I'm glad you brought some of these positives to light, as some young professionals or new graduates can feel hesitant for joining such a small company. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to your next post!


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