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#GirlBoss Guide | Inessa Radostin

I interviewed Inessa Radostin, Fashion Stylist, Blogger and Content Creator!

1. Where are originally from and where are you currently located?

I was born in Moscow, raised for a little while in Israel and am currently located in Toronto, Canada.

2. What was your dream job growing up?

When I was very young I always wanted to be a journalist. I thought the adventure would be so amazing. With print media becoming more extinct I ended up going into photography studies thinking it would be the closest to the field of journalism. I guess I do a little bit of both now!

3. What did you study in school? Did you ever see it leading to fashion?

I graduated with a degree in photography. I've always loved fashion but after years of photoshoots, I realised I liked fashion styling more than fashion shooting. It's really what led me to my life today: this completely unhinged obsession with style.

4. Who has been the most influential person in your career or in life?

I'd have to say, my dad. He's always been a fifty-fifty kind of guy; part creative but part a realist. I never do anything without getting his opinion. To be honest, when I started the blog or any other career moves associated with it I thought he'd brush off the idea but he was so supportive. He surprises me every time, it's good to have people like that around when you're an entrepreneur.

5. What inspired you to become involved with fashion blogging and social media?

I've always loved being a part of the fashion scene. I went to fashion shows any chance I got, loved finding new designers, and even spent the time learning to sew so I can make my own clothes. But social media was a real curve ball! I went from having almost no social media skills or presence to running not only all of the blog's accounts but actually running social media accounts for companies that needed help doing so. It's funny what something you once considered a hobby can get you to learn! 

6. Why did you write a book?

There was nothing to watch on Netflix so... Kidding! I found when I was starting my blog I had to figure everything out by myself. There were, of course, blogs and articles helping people out, that's nothing new but there were none geared directly at people who still had to work while blogging and may not have resources or time to direct towards a new blog. A lot of what I read made it seem like once you decide to start a blog you need to immediately quit your job, empty out your bank account and start dishing out all your savings for clothes, events, marketing and pro photographers. There was also so much information out there that was all over the place! If I followed everything I read I'd never sleep trying to catch up with every new social media tool or going to every event possible. I remember thinking "Wouldn't it have been nice if, when I was starting out, there was a book out there just for someone like me? Someone new to this that didn't want to gamble with their life but still wanted videos, and photos, and clothing, and marketing, and so forth?" There wasn't a book quite like that, so I wrote one.

7. Have you always felt like fashion was the right path for you?

God no! I was all over the place growing up. I tried everything from owning a multi-media cafe to running a restaurant. I landed in the world of fashion sales when I started managing a large department store. That led me to styling which in turn led to the blog.

8. Why did you decide to start your own blog/business? Did it seem enticing? Did something inspire you?

The blog was a quick start. I was bored with my full-time job and had a very flexible schedule so I was looking for something to do on the side just to keep busy. There was another girl I worked with that had started a blog and she quite enjoyed working on it so I thought why not? I originally started the blog to basically keep an online diary of the things I enjoyed. I had a background in writing and photography so I figured it would be a great way to entertain both. In all reality, what inspired me most was the blog itself. Once I started working on it, I could see all the possibilities of what it could become and the things I could accomplish with it. That's huge motivation if I've ever seen any! Before I knew it, I was working as a marketing consultant for other companies based on what I've done with my blog and have even recently opened an ETSY store (Mod Mode Designs) geared towards office stationary. 

9. How would you define success?

Quite simply actually. If you go to sleep at night excited about what you can do the next day and if you hit the ground running every morning, I'd say you're pretty successful.

10. What is your go-to outfit?

Lately, it's been jeans, ankle booties, and some sort of over-sized sweater. It's freezing here in Toronto and I've been working from home quite a bit marketing Mod Mode so comfort has been paving the way. When I'm out, I rely heavily on blazers, silk trousers, and a good solid pump. 

11. In one sentence describe your style.

Classic chic but tomboyish. 

12. What advice would you give to today's women?

Don't be afraid to take risks. There will always be opportunities out there to get some type of job or another but the longer you wait on chasing those dreams you had when you were a kid the more likely it is that they will never happen. Just because something seems far-fetched doesn't mean you can't use it to pave the way for future accomplishments. I'd say if you're looking to do something different with your life just go for it! But go for it smart. Be strategic in your plans and take your time. Oh and keep a planner! Trust me, you'll need one sooner or later.

13. Where can everyone find you?

Instagram - @inessaradostin
Facebook - Inessa Radostin
Pinterest - @inessaradostin




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