Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What I Read in March

This month I have been obsessed with reading recipes and food blogs. I follow The Edit by Bloglovin' and they always have weekly or monthly food posts. An amazing blog and YouTube channel I love is Lauren Toyota's hot for food blog. Everything is vegan! I'm not vegan, I love cheese too much but, I'm a pesco pallo vegetarian (a vegetarian who only eats white meat, chicken and fish.) Her recipes suit my eating habits and this month I've been trying to eat better and incorporate different sources of protein.

All about food this month!

Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip
hot for food blog
"You won't even know (or care) that this warm spinach and artichoke dip is vegan and actually quite healthy, thanks to some added fibre and protein from creamy butter beans. Have it as a meal on those lazy nights or put it out as a comforting starter for your dinner guests!"

Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich
hot for food blog
"Well we know you love our recipe for cauliflower buffalo wings, but now we've kicked it up a notch. We think you'll probably keel over after trying one bite of this buffalo cauliflower sandwich with creamy ranch. It's nearly the exact same recipe as the wings so you should be good to go but just in case, here's a fun "how to" video (recipe follows as well):"

6 Spiralized Veggie Recipes
Bloglovin' The Edit
"Some industry experts call the spiralizer to be the new, must-have kitchen gadget for those who are healthy conscious. However, nowadays you are fine without owning one as most supermarkets sell already-spiralized vegetables. If you have never tried using spiralized veggies in your cooking, here are 6 super healthy yet delicious recipes to get you started:"

"One of the easiest way to eat clean is to mix a bunch of vegetables in a bowl with your favorite dressing and serve it for any meal of the day. Whether you serve yours hot, cold, sweet, or savory, clean veggie bowls are always a good way to feed your family.  Here are 9 recipes for some inspiration..."

"In need of an instant energy boost? We've rounded up seven protein-packed sweet treats for a quick and tasty pick-me-up..."

Let me know what you read this month in the comments below.




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  1. That buffalo cauliflower sandwich looks interesting. Love Frank's hot sauce so I'm sure this is delish!

    - Greta

    1. I know, It would definitely be something different!
      Thanks Greta! xx


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