Friday, 14 April 2017

The Intern Files | Day in the Life of a Fashion Intern

A typical day interning for me is usually on a Thursday or Friday! So, in the morning I wake up, get ready and walk to the office which takes about ten minutes from my apartment. I meet with my mentor Natalie and we discuss the daily agenda. Here is the wonderful collaborative workspace: 

The process Natalie and I have when it comes to my work is that everything is task-orientated. So every week I will be given a new task. I think it is easier to work this way instead of her saying, "go do all the marketing activities for the month." Because as a student I probably don't know all the activities. Something Natalie usually says is, "come up with an idea for the fall marketing campaign and pitch it to me."

My title is Digital Marketing Intern, however, working at start-up means I'm not interning in one specific area of the business, I'm learning all aspects. My favourite task as an intern is that I initiated the company blog and I get to write weekly content. Check out my posts on Ms. Dress Up!

At this internship, there are no coffee runs, unless the coffee is for me!

Are you interning anywhere right now? Let me know your interning experience in the comments below.




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