Friday, 21 April 2017

The Intern Files | What I've Learned

Over the past eight months I've been a Digital Marketing Intern at a small start-up in Toronto, Canada called Ms. Dress Up. You can read here about how I got the internship back in the spring last year. Since that post, I have been documenting my experience through monthly blog posts including the truth of being a fashion intern, three ways to help you excel at your internship, 5 reasons to be an entrepreneur and 5 reasons to intern at a start-up company. The latest post I shared was a day in the life of being a fashion intern.

Today's post is a reflection of everything I've learned about myself, the work world and start-ups from my first ever internship. I would love for you to share your experiences with me in the comments below if you have any!

About Myself:

-I take initiative

-I work fast

-I go with the flow

-I get bored easily

-I change my mind about what I want to weekly but, I've discovered that the company I work for is more important than the exact position title I will ever hold

-I definitely want more internships but, with different titles so I look more experienced and diverse with jobs when I graduate

About The Work World:

-There are many different kinds of workers; we all work in our own way and that's okay

-Some people care more and do more; you cannot change others, just worry about yourself and your work

About Start-Ups:

-Being your own boss is cool; stressful but, cool

-It is a challenge (I'm up for one as you can see from above I get bored easily)

-I would like to start a start-up some day; no idea what it will be but, I will have one

Let me know what you've learned from interning in the comments below!




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  1. Great Post, very true about different internship titles makes you look more diverse!

    Yalaina from


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