Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Intern Files | Resource List

Continuing with my Intern Files Posts I thought I would create a list of resources to help out anyone trying to find an internship. Everything listed is sites I've used and have had success with. I've also included some useful resources to use while you are interning to make your job easier so you can focus on learning! Check out my other Intern Files posts if you need help with finding an internship or to see what a day in the life is like!

Finding the Internship:

-Intern Queen

-Style Nine to Five

-Beauty Nine to Five


-Style Careers

-Email your favourite company and inquire

While You're Interning:

-Slack: A small company messaging app. It's more professional to use than texting and it's easier and faster than email.

-Skillshare: Can help you learn a new creative skill that may be beneficial to use at your internship. Skillshare has a premium level but, a ton of free classes. I have taken the courses Mail Chimp created to help me start creating email campaigns at my digital marketing internship.

-Future Learn and Coursera: Same idea as Skillshare. If you need to learn something quickly and free to help you with your internship, use these sites.

-Canva: If you don't have Adobe skills but, need to make simple graphics Canva will be your best friend.

-Meldium: Is a secure password sharing site that will log you in automatically when you click on the platform. This is great if you need access to shared accounts. I used Meldium for access to Hootsuite, Pinterest and Mail Chimp.

Let me know if you are currently interning in the comments below!




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  1. These are such great tips!

  2. So helpful, I will more than likely be looking for an internship once I have finished my degree so I will definitely be keeping all of this in mind! I am so impressed with your blog too by the way, you are doing an amazing job with it! x


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